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both golds in hockey :)
liberation theology:
Liberation theologians base their social action upon the Bible scriptures describing the mission of Jesus Christ, as bringing a sword (social unrest), e.g. Isaiah 61:1, Matthew 10:34, Luke 22:35-38 Matthew 26:51-52 — and not as bringing peace (social order). This Biblical interpretation is a call to action against poverty, and the sin engendering it, and as a call to arms, to effect Jesus Christ's mission of justice in this world. In practice, the theology includes the Marxist concept of class struggle, thus emphasizing the person's individual self-actualization as part of God's divine purpose for mankind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_theology

cranial nerves:
I - Olfactory
II - Optic
III - Oculomotor
IV - Trochlear
V - Trigeminal
VI - Abducens
VII - Facial
VIII - Vestibulocochlear
IX - Glossopharyngeal
X - Vagus
XI - Accessory
XII - Hypoglossal

Tuesday, November 11, 2008, outside La Primavera, CR

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Costa Rica is neato. there are mountains & rainclouds. to do an @ symbol on a Spanish keyboard you go alt-6-4 on the number pad, I just learned this this morning!
other things include chicken, beans, & avocadoes; cold water, cold weather; no music.
it is more expensive here than you would think.
on Saturday I am leaving to live in a national park, nearer to a volcano than I have ever lived before. it is beautiful there, with trees all around, & the sound of birds.

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I got this job:

& I am seeking someone to adventure to Suriname with me. you possess any or all of the following qualities: sense of humour (essential), open-minded, like the heat, speak Dutch.

gangsta nah answer certain call
can you recommend some books that I should read?

recently I have liked:
Jitterbug Perfume, Tom Robbins
The Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Jeffrey Tayler
Lullabies for Little Criminals (yeah, I know)
House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros
Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder
City of the Beasts, Isabel Allende

& NOT liked:
Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert
Hardboiled Wonderland & the End of the World, Haruki Murakami

PS here is the amazing track list to my "FUN SONGS FROM GUYANA" mix cd, it is awesome.
1. Timberlee ft Ward 21 - Bubble Like Soup
2. Brick & Lace - Love Is Wicked
3. QQ - Tek It To Dem (Rum Ram)
4. Macka Diamond - Hoola Hoop
5. Mr Vegas - Hot Wuk
6. Busy Signal - Unknown Number
7. Cham - Wha Dem Feel Like
8. Tanya Stephens - Boom Wuk
9. Collie Buddz - Come Around
10. Kat de Luna ft Elephant Man - Wine Up
11. Busy Signal - These Are The Fucking Days
12. Ding Dong - Go Away!
13. Beenie Man - Back It Up
14. Munga Honorable - Bad From Mi Born

I thought that was all I was going to write, but seriously, I cannot resist saying that "Go Away" & "Unknown Number" are absolutely 1000% hands-down two of the most fun songs not just of Guyana, but of my LIFE. I feel great as soon as I hear them. classic lyrics: "you! we nah like you! go away! go AWAY!", "if yuh know yuh number blocked nah badda call me, cause me nah gon answer even fi mi mommy".

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kiss kiss

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I am looking up grad schools & Master's programs in development. I so don't even like school. dig this course description: "This course examines the problematique of conceptualising development as a critical paradigm and assesses the competing paradigms in development in light of their epistemological and normative theoretic foundations." haha I can barely read it. shiit son. problematiQUE?

also, Le Tigre "Deceptacon" in a face cream commercial??

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rivers: Bow, Massawippi, Ebro, Demerara. I want to see the AMAZON, encontro das aguas, Negro, Solimoes.

work is driving me crazy.
My birthday is coming / I can't believe the way time is passing. there is so much to DO & explore & I am in such a hurry. do I go to Brazil in the new year, after my Portuguese course is over but during the rainy season? or do I go now, when it is dry & easier to get around but I know barely anything? I want to rock-paper-scissors all my decisions, flip a coin.
speaking of coins, they are piling up in my bedroom - there is hardly any sense carrying them around because they are nearly worthless. $1, $5, $10. it takes $200 Guyanese to make $1 Canadian. I have started thinking that anything over $1000 is expensive.

where are you? what are you doing, & thinking about?

beyond my job, I am loving this life. last night Maddi came over just after sunset, & we bought roti & then the power went out for a long time so we sat out on the balcony & talked in the dark. I want to find a good place to watch the sunset. the clouds here, the sky is incredible.

hey you